29 April 2016

That time of the year ♥

 It`s almost that time of the years when we celebrate Easter! In Romania we also celebrate the 1st of May as being the International Working Day which is a free day... no working ahahah. So, I decided to prepare my posts and enjoy the day as I should, most probably with my family.

I won`t keep you ong, I just hope you`ll enjoy the new outfit that gets my mind in a peaceful place where everything is just perfect. For more details check the I was wearing section.

Wish you a wonderful day,
Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:
Bag: Here
Blouse: Here 
Shorts from Kurtmann: Here
Sandals: Here

26 April 2016

Stripes and a Holiday Mood

Good >late< morning loves! This morning I woke up with a great desire for a holiday. I don`t know about you but the weather in Bucharest is driving me crazy and I just want to do anything else than staying here.
Even more, this stripe dress made me thinking of the Santorini view that it`s in the same contrast: Crystal clear water and sky combined with the white houses with blue rooftop.

But in the meantime, I`m doing my research for the next holiday... What should we pick? I`m thinking at this moment at Barcelona and Rome. I`m seen Italy before, but never Rome and never been to Spain. Still, similar cultures and great weather ahahha ♥ Any other suggestions?

I can`t wait to hear for any other places and until then you can also check the I was wearing section. Sometimes you don`t need many items to create a cute outfit because simple is better!

Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:
Choies Dress: Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Amiclubwear Sandals: Here
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here

25 April 2016

Spring dress and Pink Inspiration

        Today I want to talk about Spring Dresses. This one is recently added into my wardrobe and what is even more important is that it cost only a few dollars.  It might be cheap, but we always have to wear items that look great, fit out style and also to combine them with the right accessories.
        I am though a bit sad because due to the light the color of the dress looks so different than the bag one, but in reality they look so much alike. I will invite you to check the clothing website called Light in the box, by clicking on its name, you`ll be directed straight to it. Also you can check the ”I was wearing“ section for a direct link to the dress and see how gorgeous and affordable it is. Even more you can check the other available colors too.
        Also, today I`m sharing you for the first time since I got it, my new and beloved Michael Kors bag. I had the chance to buy it at an incredible price, being discounted with almost 50%. Well, this is what I call smart shopping.
                         I hope you`ll enjoy it and wish you all a wonderful week!
Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:

24 April 2016

Back to Basics

You see me quite a lot wearing heels and feminine outfits, don`t you? Well, is not always like that and today I decided to share with you the other me: the one that enjoys basic items, comfy outfits and a relaxed mood in order to feel good the entire day, even if it`s a busy one or a leisure day.

Also, part of the basic outfit, is also my basic hairstyle...if we can call it this way. You know how much I love to wear soft waves, but this time is just a soft messy hair that needs not that much attention, bringing a natural look.
When was the last time you`ve tried this kind of outfit and style? For me, it has been a while, but I will try it more often I think because it feels great!

Wish you all a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the day as much as possible, because we are so close to a new week and we must have our batteries fully charged!

Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Shein Vest: Similar Here
Zara Top
Choies Pants: Here
Choies Sneakers: Here
Ideal Boutique Backpack: Here
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here

23 April 2016

All Black with some Fringe Accents

 So, my first confession is that I missed this weather so much. I kind of get used with the cold one but spring/summer is one of my fav part of the year and doesn`t matter how many degrees are outside, I will love it anyway ♥
For today, I have prepared an all black outfit, casual yet chic because the weather allows us to dressed all black without getting out of our comfort zone.  Sure, is not entirely all black due to my Michael Kors bag, but it`s almost there. I thought it will be better to pick something else for the bag.
So, I hope you`ll like it and I won`t keep you any longer because I hope you`ll enjoy the weather outside and have some fun.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend. For more details check the I was wearing section.
Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Zara dress from Kurtmann: Here
Fringe Belt: My own design
Jessica Buurman boots: Here
Tommy Hilfiger Watch: Similar Here

22 April 2016

When you just can`t avoid Serenity Blue

Hi loves! Today is time for a splash of serenity blue. Since the color of the year was announced, I was thrilled.  Go my hands in many items that are in this color and started combining them in different ways.

For example, This Michael Kors bag. You saw my enthusiasm, when I received 3 new Michael Kors bags, that were order only 3 days ago from the US and what is even more needed to be mentioned, is that I managed to buy them at half of their price ♥. Well, I don`t have too much empty space in the bags closet, but still, I couldn`t stay away from the blue one. It was the only missing color in there. And if you don`t know about which website I`m talking about, just check in Here and you`ll be so in love with it and with it`s services for sure.

Regarding the rest of the outfit, well of course I needed another blue Blouse and I continued with a pair of pleated culottes and another new pair of sandals. But OMG, do you know how comfy these sandals are?! So, if you want to see and find more about the clothing items in this post, just make sure you`ll check the I was wearing section!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend.
 Kisses, M

 I was wearing:
Serenity Blue Michael Kors Bag: Here
Ruffle Shirt: Here
Pleated Culottes: Here
AmiClubwear Sandals: Here

21 April 2016

Get your 60% discount on your orders

 Astazi revin cu o alta recomandare de shopping online. Mai exact va invit pe Romwe sa va alegeti produsele preferate, dupa care sa introduceti codul RW-manuellal60 prin care o sa beneficiati de o reducere de 60% la achizitiile facute. 
Eu am facut un mic wishlist cu produsele mele preferate si de care am nevoie care sper sa va inspire si pe voi. Cu siguranta o sa gasiti si alte haine superbe potrivite stilului vostru, dar nu uitati de cod ♥ 

Va doresc o zi superba in continuare!
Kisses, M ♥

 Rucsac: Aici
Tricou: Aici
Palarie: Aici
Ochelari de soare: Aici
Blugi scurti: Aici
Inel: Aici
Incaltaminte: Aici

Rochie Kaki: Aici
Crop-top roz: Aici
Blugi scurti: Aici
Geanta Rosie: Aici
Rochie: Aici
Incaltaminte: Aici
Ochelari de soare: Aici

19 April 2016

More love with Foggi

Dupa cum bine stiti, weekendul ce tocmai a trecut m-ati putut gasi la targul Chic Bazar. A fost superb dar 12 ore petrecute atat Sambata cat si Duminica acolo, m-au epuizat dar m-au si bucurat.
Insa, astazi este doar despre relaxare si despre tinute casual in care sa ma simt comfortabil, parul proaspat spalat si necoafat, in starea lui naturala si desigur culori vesele si placute.
Salopeta de la Foggi, a ajuns la mine saptamana trecuta si dupa un weekend extrem de agitat, stiam ca o sa fie primul lucru pe care voi pune mana luni dimineata cand voi alege cu ce sa ma imbrac. De ce? Fiindca este extrem de comoda iar blugul, nu este genul acela teapan care strange si nu iti da deloc liberate de miscare. Ca sa nu va mai spun de culoarea salopetei care m-a dus cu gandul la deja mult prea cunoscuta combinatie de bleo si roz pe care o ador.

Daca sunteti adeptele salopetelor, va invit pe www.foggi.ro unde o sa gasiti o varietate mare de modele si de culori care cu siguranta o sa va placa si nu o sa inchideti site-ul inainte de a achizitiona ceva. In plus, va puteti inspira din stilul adoptat de Adelina Pestritu si de lejeritatea tinutelor pe care aceasta le poarta.

Sper sa va placa si sunt curioasa care este modelul vostru preferat de salopeta pe care astept sa il impartasiti cu mine. O saptamana superba va doresc!

Kisses, M ♥

 Tinuta este compusa din:
Ochelari de soare: Prada
Salopeta Blug: FOGGI
Geanta YVY Bags
Sandale Jessica Buurman
 Ceas Marc Jacobs

15 April 2016

Check-ins and places: Hard Rock Cafe

 Buna! Astazi incep o noua serie si tematica de postari pe blog, mai exact "Check-ins and places" unde o sa gasiti pe langa tinuta cu care v-am obisnuit si localuri dragute in Bucuresti si nu numai.

Astazi o sa va vorbesc despre unul din restaurantele mele preferate, mai exact Hard Rock Cafe. Il stiu inca de acum 8 ani si tot de atunci am continuat sa merg constant. De ce? Pentru atmosferta, pentru concertele live, pentru mancare si bauturi dar si pentru ca imi place extrem de mult infatisarea sa.

Mai nou, au si o campanie extrem de draguta iar premiile sunt pe masura: Rock Box, o cutie cu premii surpriza si se pot castiga 2 astfel de premii pe zi pana pe 15 Mai. Mai mult de atat, exista inca 2 premii, Epic Rockbox si Legendary Rockbox.
I`m in for Legendary memories!! 6 persoane norocoase pot castiga o vacanta de doua persoane cu toate cheltuielile incluse la un Hotel Hard Rock la alegere. Ce nu v-am spus, este ca aveti inclus si $1500 de cheltuiala... ♥

 Sper ca v-am deschis apetitul nu doar la mancare ci si la distractie fiindca pe 19 Aprilie o sa va puteti bucura de un minunat concert Horia Brenciu & HB Orchestra.
See you there

Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:
Shein Cape: Here
Bershka Jumpsuit from Kurtmann: Here
Michael Kors Baby blue Bag: Here
Choies Cut out Boots: Here
Hat: Similar Here
Swarovski Bracelet
Guess Watch

13 April 2016

Casual Wednesday

 I know is late but I had to share with you one of my latest outfits. Do I have to say that I`ve made an addiction for this pair of jeans and for this new Michael Kors bag? I think it`s obvious, even more since I wore them a few days ago in another outfit posted on blog, but I just can`t help myself. Both are extremely versatile and easy to wear in different combinations.

Probably you`ll seen them again soon. But in the mean time I will invite you to see a great selection of jeans at a great price ( no more than $20, around 80 ron maximum) So click HERE and you`ll see what I`m talking about.

Well, enjoy shopping because I also have to buy other pairs of jeans in order to stop being stuck to this one.

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Choies Hat: Here
Cardigan: Similar Here
Zara Top
Shein Jeans: Here
Choies Cut Out Boots: Here
 Michael Kors Bag: Here